history in the making

Boone’s Chapel was built in 1682 as a private almshouse chapel with four houses attached. It was the gateway to the founders’ house, Lee Place, and became their mausoleum. It was unused and derelict since the 1940s and is  one of the two Grade 1 listed buildings in Lewisham. In 2008 the Blackheath Historic Buildings Trust found a use for it as an architects’ office and the building will be open 30 days a year with exhibitions. Further information of past and forthcoming events can be found on the open days page.

This site presents a story of the past and the re-making of Boone's chapel in 2008. It was researched and presented by its present occupants, Research Design, with help from Ian Mills, and Bob Boone. Further information will be available in the book 'History in the Making' available in the spring of 2009.

logo: copy of handwriting from an eighteenth century minute book

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